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Tips and tricks for keeping your fruit and veggies fresh:

Apples: There’s always one bad apple that spoils the barrel, so keep an eye on your fruit, seperate fruit which is ripening up more quickly than the others.

Peppers: If you are only using part of a green or red pepper, leave the stem, seeds and membrane intact, the pepper will store much longer than when you remove them.

Potatoes: To keep potatoes from sprouting, toss in an apple and it will keep the moisture out.

Spinach: If you wash spinach and silverbeet well in cold water, shake off as much water as you can and store in an airtight container in the fridge, it will keep fresh for longer. This method also revives old spinach.

Lettuce: When you get your lettuce home, remove from plastic wrapping, wash and drain. Take a clean T-towel and soak it under a cold tap, then ring it out. Discard any leaves from the lettuce, that are slightly brown and wrap it in the T-towel. Place in the fridge. You will find that this will keep fresh for an amazing time! (A life saver for those living alone)!

Salad: Keep salad in a paper bag, or in a plastic bag with a strip of kitchen roll. Keeps them moist, but not soggy!

Radishes: Home grown and organic radishes can have a shorter shelf life than the usual supermarket varieties so I take the leaves off mine and put them in a jar of cold water in the fridge. This keeps them fresh for weeks.

Celery: Wrap celery in foil and store in the fridge to keep it fresher for longer.

Tomatoes: Keep tomatoes cool or in the fridge for freshness and store them upside-down. Bring to room temperature prior to eating especially if adding to a salad. 

Oranges, Apples & Pears: They stay fresh and firm for even longer in the fridge if kept in a loosely tied plastic bag.

Carrots & Cucumbers: Put soft carrots and cucumber in a glass of water in the fridge - they’ll perk up in no time.

Asparagus: Store asparagus in a vase of water like flowers and it will keep them crisp

Watercress: Try to buy watercress in bunches. To keep a bunch fresh, put it upside down in a bowl of water and keep in the fridge. 


Tossed has so many fruit and Vegetable toss-ins that you can definitely benefit from the freshest, local, and in season produce!

In Season for July:



summer squash


 green beans











Tossed has quite a few of these items available so give them a try next time you “Design Your Own” Salad.


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